Articles of association

According to the new Articles of Association of the Culinary Professionals of Greece, it is established a non-profit association of chefs, pastry chefs and food experts, with the name: ``Culinary Professionals Greece``. The headquarter of the association is in Thessaloniki, Greece. In order to fulfill its purposes, the association may contract and collaborate with natural or legal persons of a for-profit or non-profit nature, such as organizations, unions, schools, state and private educational institutions, with community or state government bodies in Greece and abroad. Only culinary professionals who meet our industry-approved standards, which are set out in our bylaws, can become our members. You can download the pdf file with the entire statute of the association.

Continuing Education

Development of the educational, technical and generally professional level of our members.

Greek Gastronomy

Activity and coordination of the efforts of all members, for the promotion and dissemination of the Greek cooking and confectionery art.

Collaborations & Partnerships

Cooperation and partnership with other European and international co-operative associations, for the better information and briefing of the members on the new data and developments of the food and cooking industry.

Organization of Competitions

Encouraging noble competition through the participation and organization of Greek gastronomy competitions.

Public Benefit Actions

Provision of social services, participation in voluntary food actions and the development of care and solidarity actions towards our fellow human beings.