Macedonian cuisine

The Authentic Greek Macedonian Cuisine is an initiative project of the Region of Central Macedonia that aims to highlight the rich culinary tradition of Greek Macedonia area in relation to local products, supporting and expanding the Gastronomic Tourism of the region. In this context, it has recorded and presented a series of authentic recipes of the area, which can be found on the official website of Authentic Greek Macedonian Cuisine, while at the same time it certifies with its special mark all the businesses that prepare them with local raw materials and offer them to customers.

The Macedonian Cuisine

The Collusion

The Union of Culinary Professionals Greece (Culinary Professionals Greece) has partnered with the Region of Central Macedonia in many actions of Macedonian Cuisine, presenting its recipes in various co-organizations. Our common concern is the dissemination of Macedonian Cuisine at a local and international level, highlighting the flavors and products of the region. Our team Culinary Team Greece at the Culinary Olympics in Stuttgart in 2020, won the bronze medal by cooking and presenting a meal inspired by Macedonian Cuisine. At our established annual banquet, the menu includes dishes of Macedonian cuisine cooked with modern techniques by prominent chefs.